Pet Of The Week


Hey! Big smile, I'm Kardi. I'm so ready for the next part of my life, which will be the good life. I was a stray who had lost lots of fur due to a severe allergic reaction to fleas. I've been getting great care for the last few weeks and my coal-black coat is coming in nicely. I'm soft and cuddly and can't wait to be a couch potato with you. I have short, folded ears, very much like a shar-pei. I know "sit," and I love to get out for a long walk and some playtime. I’d prefer a home without any cats please. I just need a home with kiddos over the age of 8 and calmer dogs for my comfort—Thanks for reading about me! Love, Kardi.


"Look at me, I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree; And I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud, I can't understand, I get misty...this is not what I planned." That's a really old song called "Misty" and it's just how I feel. Hello peeps, my name is Jerica, but it used to be Misty. I'm an easy-going, friendly girl who has been shuffled around to different homes, no fault of my own. I'm a gentle, sweet, four year-old lady who loves playing with the laser pointer and shoestrings. In my former home I liked to sit and look out the window. I greet you at the door when you come home and sit next to you on the chair while you read or watch TV. My owner said I was "easy to take care of", so why am I here as a castaway? My tender-hearted spirit shines through in my expressive golden-green eyes, and I look at you as if to say, "Please be my forever friend"! Adopt this little princess and you will truly have a jewel-in-the-crown kitty. Come in soon to meet this little "gem"!


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