Pet Of The Week


Hi! I'm Buckaroo, and if you're one of those families with lots of pets and maybe a few young kids, you might be struggling to find a dog who can go to a home like that. Well GUESS WHAT. I have no restrictions. I can live with babies, kids, teens, adults, grandparents. I can live with cats and critters and dogs. All I ask for is a little TLC to help my skin and coat recover from what was a nasty flea infestation from my less-than-ideal days as a stray. I'm on the mend and I'm a fun-loving older boy who would love an easygoing family. I'm eleven years old and I'm ready to calm down and just hang out. Come meet me, Buckaroo! 


Howdy Folks! I'm White Walker. Was I named after those creepy beings in the show "Game of Thrones"? I don't remember because that was the first name given to me a long time ago. You see, I've been at HSHA three times, most recently because my owner passed away. My life could be called, "Game of HOMES", but it has been no fun game for me. Another owner named me Othello, the general in the Shakespeare tragedy. My stature gives me a stately, commanding presence, but do I act like a General? Maybe when I was young and feisty, but not anymore. I'm very laid-back and love to be petted. I enjoy attention and show my appreciation by rub, rub, rubbing against you with my silky white fur. I also give kitty kisses. I'm looking for a new kingdom to conquer, but I will be a kind and gentle ruler. People say I have my own opinion about things, but most of the time I'm quite agreeable. I still would be happiest in a home with no cats or dogs. I had another name, Gizmo, (remember those homely little Gremlins?), but in no way do I act like those mischievous little monsters! I'm only four years old, so I'm hoping my new home will be the final stop in my journey and will be a truly forever home. Do you have room in your heart for a big Yeti of a cat who will be ever so grateful for a quiet, loving place to live? Come in today...I'm waiting for you!


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