Pet Of The Week


Good day! I'm Chop, and I'm here with my pal, Suey. We are both mastiff mixes who were abandoned in Harrisburg, near the Farm Show area. While Suey isn't quite ready for adoption yet, I certainly am! I'm an adult male mastiff mix who is over 80 pounds. I'm a stunning fawn color with undertones of blue (or silver). You might notice I don't have ears -- not my choice to have them cropped like that, and my new family will have to make sure my inner ear stays clean and healthy, since I don't have full ears to protect that area. Despite all this, I'm a good-natured boy who knows "sit" and will wait patiently to get leashed up for a walk. A few obedience classes will help me brush up on the rest of my manners. I'm affectionate and I love a good scratch on the back. I'm also pretty calm and could live with kids as young as five. I don't like cats and should not live with them. A new dog friend would be great too!


What likes to walk on a leash, ride in a stroller, play with toys, and be stroked, held, loved, and adored? No, it's not your neighbor's toddler! It's Maura, the mini pantherette! Yes, I love to ride in the pet stroller, and a nice volunteer walks me around the shelter on a leash. I enjoy exploring and sniffing around the premises. Call me Maura, the Adventure Cat! I'm a beautiful, sleek black feline who came here because my owner could not keep me anymore. I did not like being in a cage and was pretty grouchy and hissy about it, but now I have a Kitty Kondo all to myself. Away from other cats and the noise of the shelter, I've become my old self again--friendly, playful, and affectionate. I like to be petted and brushed, while enjoying human company. I'm a "young" senior girl with lots of love left to give, so a quiet comfy abode would be like winning the lottery--except even better! Now, to be honest, I don't have the best feline social skills, so I can't live with other cats. Not crazy about the drooly things that bark, either. So the bottom line is, I need to be the only pet (unless you have a fish, or lizard, or turtle). "I am a black cat, this much is true, the life that I live, depends solely on you. Bad luck myths, about me that are told, are nothing but lies, and centuries old. I'm only a cat, with a heart of pure gold, created for you, to love and to hold." A sweet forgiving cat lies beneath this whiskered face.. won't you come in and meet me today? I'm waiting patiently for my "second chance" at life. Leashes really are for dogs and strollers were meant for babies. Even though I like them both, who knows? If I had a home, I might not need them anymore! Thanks for considering me as a future four-legged companion!


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